Kung Fu San Soo

2015 Promotion Ceremony

San Soo

San Soo is an all-around fighting art. Basically known as a street fighting art. This is a 'no rules' fighting art, not a sport, strictly self-defense. It has been called 'legendary' and 'devastating' by Inside Kung Fu Magazine. You will see fluid body movements attacking the physical weaknesses that everybody has. The techniques are designed to adapt instantly to physical assaults.

A 2x2 workout is a time to utilize different techniques. The workout is based upon knowing how your attacker will react to the damage you do. The techniques you learn are used to put your attacker out of action.

Kung Fu San Soo as taught by Weeks Martial Arts, is not a sport martial art. Design to protective yourself as a “street oriented’ art, adaptable to different environments, situations and methods of attacks. Some situations require control over an aggressor, yet other situations require what is necessary to save your life. We train for all situations.

Very similar to the description of Krav Maga, yet, with San Soo, you are developing a solid foundation from our curriculum to effectively lead you to defend yourself in the altercations you may find yourself in.

You are lead through each step into belt ranks to have the techniques that combined themselves into endless other combinations. Each student develops their own technical skill set that fits their own set of strengths. Yet there are no limits to the achievements a student can gain.

The extras that a student gains by learning these arts is confidence, awareness, goal achievement and so much more.