Father and Sons Instructors - L to R, Dylan Weeks, Dave Weeks, Peter Weeks

Father and Sons Instructors

Master Dave Weeks and Sons - Peter and Dylan Weeks

Master Dave Weeks and his son’s, Black Belts Peter Weeks and Dylan Weeks work to train our students to be the best they can be in the arts that they teach each student.

Masters Dave Weeks was privileged to study Kung Fu San Soo under Grand Master Bill Lasiter.

Grand Master Bill Lasiter studied under Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo. Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo brought Kung Fu San Soo to the United States from China.

Dave Weeks has travel the United States and parts of Europe with Master Ron Scanlon demonstrating the art.

Both Peter and Dylan Weeks have been trained by their father Dave Weeks and Master Ron Scanlon. They have also had the privilege to study with several other Masters of the art. Peter Weeks was a wrestler for Upland High School. He also trains with Jeff Frater in Rancho Cucamonga in Jiu-Jitsu.